Hot Shame and the Indoor Kites

I think this is just going to chronicle my descent into clinical insanity. I'm already halfway there. So... Enjoy.
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the one TRUE secret to a great sex life


Today’s Gender of the day is: this squirrel


Today’s Gender of the day is: this squirrel



An english major in math class

In honor of September 1st, the start of the next term at Hogwarts


When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

Zoe Saldana interview with Amanda de Cadenet about feminsim

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Ooh ooh baby
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Na na na na

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So I found my suicide notes from Gr.9 while I was cleaning my room. (I am just about to start Gr.11)I read through them and then tore each one to shreds. I stared at the pile and smiled because I am so damn proud of myself for getting over that phase in my life. What makes it even more satisfying? I did it all by myself, no help. I pulled myself out of the dark hole and I couldn’t be happier today. I have decided to keep the envelope because I am one who likes to keep memories from my past especially when they are from a significant time in my life and put the things I like about myself and other people inside. The envelope is a reminder of what I overcame. If you ever need anyone to talk to, feel free to message me. I really enjoy helping others overcome what I went through. Keep fighting, stay strong, I love you, you’re beautiful. xx


i love how he just carries potatoes around 




a perfect example of harry styles being harry styles

“You’re wearing a scarf.  Are you insane?  No I didn’t mean that in a bad way.  Like a nice insane.  Like, ‘Oh, I’ve got a scarf on inside, I’m so insane.’  You okay?  Is it too hot?  Nice scarf." - Harry Styles



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